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by Glassbox Education

Women's Creative Cutting with Alessandro Barca

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Experience a transformational day of education with Alessandro Barca of Hair In Motion, UK. Follow along with this salon friendly women’s creative cutting program with Alessandro. Learn with step by step instructions on how to create trend setting styles with an efficient systematic approach but with plenty of individual flare.

Join Hair In Motion Education for our Women's foundation cutting course and master Graduation to become confident working with short to Mid-length hair.

This training is for you if...  You want to gain a stronger understanding in approaching scissor work and styling in Women's hair. You desire to learn the Do's & Don'ts in different cutting methods. You seek to understand and apply different hair cutting techniques based on the desired outcome. You want clarity in using sectioning to simplify haircuts. You want more confidence and clarity on approaching the foundations in Women's hair

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning to adapt cutting techniques to each client's unique needs
  • Understanding body position
  • Choosing correct choice of length for desired style
  • Learning how to effectively style Any length hair.
  • Adapting texture with different tools
  • Gaining the ability to make informed decisions regarding the appropriate cutting techniques for different scenarios.
  • The ability to have creative control over our clients.
  • Knowledge on different cutting tools to create different movement and texture in hair.

Alessandro Barca started taking his first steps in hairdressing at the age of 18. Once qualified in Italy, Alessandro decided to move to London in 2016 to totally change his vision and improve his cutting skills.

Working in one of the best companies in the world In Toni & Guy on the Anglo-Saxon scene and helping side by side the most creative minds in our sector, Alessandro began to develop his own specific taste which differentiated him from the crowd and led him to win numerous national and international awards such as British Awards, OneShot, Visionary Awards and many more.

His works has been published by the most important magazines in the world as well as numerous interviews in the best international magazines. Alessandro Now Joins the Hair In Motion education team to further his career in teaching and building up those around him.


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