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One to One online business mentorship & development program with Glassbox Director of Education, Peter Gosling.

Do the work, be genuine and surrender your outcome. 

Booking 1 hour sessions now via - email for details, rates and times! 

  • Boost productivity 
  • Provide expertise & practical "know-how"
  • Help you optimize your business plan 
  • Troubleshoot new strategies & ideas
  • How to consistently generate new clients 
  • What type of businesses to partner with
  • How to incentives staff & keep them interested 
  • How to train and build team members 
  • How to find a choose the right people
  • No more selling to 'bad clients'
  • No more burnout and employee overload
  • No more undervaluing your business and services
  • No more concerns about your incoming client pipeline 

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