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ADDRESS: 781 Queen St. West, Toronto
DURATION: 10 days (Mondays – Friday) 40 Hours
TIME: 5:30PM - 9:30PM  
PRICE $1700+hst

Our private beginners’ courses and lessons help speed up your process from being stuck behind the chair struggling to build confidence and the trust of new clientele. With heavy practical training under the guidance of our educators we are developing extremely strong stylists who are leaving feeling confident and consistent in approaching salons and barbershops getting their foot in the door and finding positions within the markets best and high tier shops including our own. 

Glassbox uses a hands-on approach to develop the potential of stylists and new talent. Our systems and techniques help drive home repetition and dexterity helping you gain that muscle memory, to become a barber. We will set you up with the fundamentals to build a lifelong career, not a job in short hair grooming.

Our barber courses help you build a foundational knowledge of barbering, deconstruct each step, refine your technique, while improving your cutting speed. Our Educators and Director, Peter Gosling have 17+ years of knowledge, education, and love for the industry to guide you on the correct path to reach ample success.


More Flexibility
With night classes, it’s possible to work full time and still fit in your studies. Plus, unlike with a traditional schedule, OUR classes tend to last around 3.5 hours weekends free to catch up on rest and or work!

Arrive to Class Prepared
As a student, it’s up to you to do most of your studies on your own time. Many students prefer preparing for classes a few hours before, as everything is fresh in their minds. Plus, taking night classes may allow you to not miss work and the chance to financially support yourself.

Many Students Focus Better at Night
Some people can wake up at dawn feeling alert and focused, others naturally have higher energy levels later in the day. If you know that you fall into the second category, you may do better at night! 


  • Cutting Scissors
  • Clippers: Big & Small
  • Cutting Comb
  • Clipper Comb
  • Brushes
  • Blow Dryer

*Tools are not included. Tools can be suggested if you are unaware and need assistance, as well we sell tool packages for each student.

For more information, please contact us:

We have a PRO shop if need be where you can purchases all your tools separately.